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She is known from her film X-Men: First Class. Jennifer Shader Lawrence or Jennifer Lawrence was born in Kentucky, August 14, 1990.

Jennifer Lawrence born and growth in Louisville. She, once, performed in local theater in her city. When she was 14, her parents decided to move to New York and looking for a talent agent.

Jennifer Lawrence graduated from Kammerer Middle School with high marks to start her acting career. Besides learning acting, Jennifer Lawrence also worked as nurse assistant at summer camp that managed by her mother.

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Her mother, Karen, manages a children camp and her father Gary Lawrence was the owner of construction company. Jennifer Lawrence has 2 brothers.

Previously, Jennifer Lawrence never took either drama or acting class. She started her casting career in a comedy serial, The Bill Engvall Show. She acted as Lauren Pearson Eldest daughter. The serial ended in 2009. Her acting in The Bill Engvall Show made her got an award as the youngest actress who appeared in TV serial.

In addition, she took part in film Garden Party as Tiff in 2008, however, she casted a small role. Still in the same year, she appeared on big screen with Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger in a film that directed by Guillermo Arriaga in The Burning Plain.

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Besides those films, Jennifer Lawrence also casted in a video clip for Parachute Band for the song “The Mess I Made”.

While in 2011, she was nominated as best actress and her name also listed in Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Independent Spirit Awards and Satellite Awards. In 2011, she also took part in a prequel of X-Men serials in X-Men: First Class.

Jennifer Lawrence appeared in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, a trilogy film that adopted from a novel “The Hunger Game” in 2012. Another performance in 2012 was The Silver Linings Playbook that directed by David O. Russel. She casted with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.

Jennifer Lawrence who has a nick name J-Law has excellent personality. All of her friends are admired her personal character. Jennifer has a good sense of humor, pet lovers, and her friends never get bored when they sit with her.

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