5 Reasons Craft Beer is Better

Beer is one of the oldest products globally, and there isn’t a place in the world where it isn’t popular. Beer used to be something that artisans made, and it would be distinctive to different areas and recipes. At some point in the last century, breweries became part of a giant monopoly, and the variety of brands and tastes were significantly reduced. But there has been a revolution. Craft beers have returned, enjoying great success, partly because they have so many good qualities.

  1. Variety: There is such a variety of craft beer available now that it is possible to say that somewhere out there, there is a beer made just for you. Even if you are a big fan of one of the global brands, you would inevitably find something that you like better if you did your research. And the best thing about the variety is that it’s out there when you want something different.
  2. Taste: Global brands are made to be acceptable to most people, and this makes them profitable, but the taste is very average. On the other hand, craft beers are made to bring out specific flavours in the same way a chef works to produce new masterpieces in the kitchen. A real-world analogy would be that big brand beer is McDonald’s, and craft beer is fine dining.
  3. Food Pairing: Because of the variety available in craft beers, another advantage is all the lovely flavours available to match up to your favourite foods. If you are a foody, finding the flavour profile of your locally available craft beers will be extra enjoyable.
  4. Good for You: If you didn’t know, beer is considered to have many health benefits, as long as you drink it in reasonable amounts. But craft beer is better for you than mass-produced beers. Craft beer is typically made from better, more natural, and even organic ingredients, while global brands do what they can to save money, and that includes adding chemical stabilizers and preservatives
  5. Support Local Businesses: No good comes from supporting monopolies, and that is something society needs to learn. One way you can help support local businesses is to buy their products. Craft beers are generally local businesses and patronizing them is beneficial for everyone.

If you are a beer lover, then you really should try to learn all there is about your local craft beer market. Somewhere out there is a beer that that will be the best beer you ever had. But you might never find it if you stick with your average beer.

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