6 important reasons to get expert pool certifiers to grant a certificate in Sydney

No property in Australia in its own grounds is complete without its own pool or spa. Aussies love the water and spend hours by the beach when it is accessible. However, having a facility at home is the next best thing.

It will provide hours of fun for all the families of all ages and create a great focal point when having had friends over for many social occasions. Of course, with a pool comes responsibility. Nobody wants an unsafe pool when it becomes time to sell a property. To guarantee its safety it is important to speak to one of the foremost pool certifiers Sydney can provide for the following 6 reasons.

  1. The law passed by the NSW government back in 1992 states that all pools and spas must be registered. It was updated in 2016, with the abridged version, stating that a valid compliance or non-compliance certificate must be issued before a property is sold. Selling it without one is illegal.
  2. The only people who can issue one are those who are licensed and are qualified swimming pool and fence certifiers. They are professionals who can provide the best assistance and advice when a pool or spa falls short of safety standards.
  3. The compliance officers know exactly what to look for so that no seller falls foul of the law. They include pools that are above ground, in the ground, whether indoor or outdoor or even portable if they can be filled to a depth of 300mm of water or more.
  4. The laws make perfect common sense. Why risk the health and safety of anyone who might be near a pool or spa, especially toddlers? The inspectors will ensure that the gates are in good condition and provide a reliable barrier. A checklist can be provided to owners so that they can work collaboratively with the experts and save time and hassle.
  5. Why risk a potential sale by not having the certificate ready, which could put off a buyer who may wonder what else might be amiss with the property?
  6. When choosing the right compliance team, checking out the websites for reviews from happy customers is always a good fallback to ensure a quality service will be delivered.

Anyone about to sell a house that has a pool or spa in NSW must ensure that it has a valid certificate issued by licensed pool certifiers.

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