Adult Entertainment In South Carolina: Top Tips To Know!

South Carolina has some amazing strip clubs, and if you are a fan of adult entertainment, you will find many choices and options. Strip clubs have standard dos and don’ts, and as long as you abide by them, the entertainment is worth every penny spent. In this post, we are sharing the top tips that will come in handy for visiting a gentlemen’s club in South Carolina.

  • Step in early. Men often believe that they have to come after 10 am to enjoy at a strip club, which is not the case. In fact, many clubs in South Carolina open early in the morning, and even if you come by 6 pm, you can expect to have a more open environment and better time with the strippers.
  • Take in cash. Strippers and dancers expect to be paid in cash, and at a strip club, this is a norm. Wondering how much is a good tip? We recommend that you can keep an eye on other guests, and you will get a fair idea of what’s “ideal” for that club. You also need cash for servers and waiters.
  • Booze scene may vary. Some clubs in South Carolina allow guests to bring their own booze, while other serve alcohol. You may want to call up and ask in advance, because you don’t want to be a club without alcohol for company.

  • Be a gentleman. There’s a reason these places are called gentleman’s club! You don’t want to misbehave with the strippers, or touch them in the wrong way. Also, taking photos is entirely prohibited at most places. If you try to get naughty beyond a point, the bouncers will throw you out.
  • Ask other things. Selected clubs do have a dress code, and at some places, you are not allowed to bring in your ladies. Ask about other things too, like the cost of a lap dance, which is decided by the house. A full-nude dance with full friction will cost more, and if you choose to pick a song of your choice, you have to pay for that too. In case of BYOB, do ask what you can bring in. Non-alcoholic drinks are not allowed.

Not to forget, ask about the music format. Most of the better clubs only focus on Rock, country, and hip-hop songs, but this again can vary. You may even choose to get a membership for one of the known clubs.

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