Ask These 5 Questions Before Hiring Web Design Services

Selecting a company for designing your brand website is no easy task. Your web portal is the face of your business, and an outdated and not-so-great website can damage your marketing efforts entirely. Not all web design services are same, and therefore, before you take a decision, do ask these 5 basic questions listed below.

  1. Do you have experience with similar websites?

Web design companies that have some experience in your niche and industry should be given priority. You need to know if the agency has handled projects of similar nature, and if they have, you should check some of their live websites and ask for references.

  1. What’s your design process like?

Some web designers prefer showing a demo of the website’s front page, while others take inputs from clients on a regular basis during the design process. As a client, you need to have a say in the project, so active participation and the design process is important.

  1. Will you offer an estimate in advance?

While many companies are enthusiastic about offering a proposal, they often don’t discuss the scope of the website before doing so. Always insist on getting a complete estimate, with the website scope and design inclusions. You don’t want to end up with surprise charges later.

  1. Do you have an in-house team?

Don’t be surprised to know that many companies actually outsource their web design work to smaller offshore services. Make sure that the agency has a team, and they should offer at least one contact, who can answer all your questions.

  1. Do you offer other services?

If the same company can manage online marketing, SEO and branding, it could a big an advantage. Hiring the same web design service for everything else just simplifies management, and you can expect to get a better price.

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