Dosage, Effects and Side Effects of Edibles

Edibles are cannabis-infused food products popular among weed lovers. They are offered in different flavors, shapes, colors, tastes and smells. However, how much should I take and what to expect from cannabis edibles is a great controversy? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about this priceless weed product.

Dosage of edibles

There is no specific answer regarding dosage. Meanwhile, which dosage is good for you depends on different factors like age, height, weight, health issues etc. So, before making a decision, discuss all these factors with your doctor and he will suggest the timings and dosage of your product.

Take a look at the pros and cons of different dosages of edibles.

1. 1-5 mg THC

This edible dosage is the smallest and is recommended for beginners. Micro-dosing under 5mg provides relief from pain, anxiety and from various other health issues.

2. 5-15 mg THC

This high edible dosage can provide stronger relief. Moreover, it helps you to experience impairment of coordination and helps with insomnia.

3. 30-50 mg THC

At this stage, the consumers experience impaired coordination. In addition to this, 30-50 mg THC provides more effects than the lower dosages.

4. 50-100 mg THC

This stage is only for those familiar with THC. In beginners, we can see the side-effects like rapid heart rate and lack of coordination. This level is helpful for those suffering from inflammatory diseases.

5. Beyond 100 mg THC

This ‘hero dose’ is only for the most experienced consumers. A majority of consumers don’t require anything beyond 100 mg for both, medicinal and recreational purposes.

Note- Start your dosage from the minimum and increase the limits only if required. By going from minimum to maximum, you can predict which dosage can fulfill your requirements.

Effects and side effects of edibles

Cannabis edibles provide a feeling of relaxation. They are good for treating stress and depression. According to a study, 80% of people don’t know that they are suffering from depression. For such patients, edibles mean a lot.

Edibles are also used to control blood pressure, weight, growth of tumor and cancer cells etc. On the one hand, some consumers like edibles because they are safe for their health. Whereas other like edibles because they prefer the high that an edible brings.

Contrary to this, some of the side effects of cannabis edibles are very low blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, rapid heart rate, short-term memory loss and a lot more.

Tips for beginners to consume edibles

Here are some tips for making your trip easy and memorable.

  • Wisely read the label before stepping ahead.
  • Be patient and wait for some time before taking the next dosage.
  • It is not suggested to consume edibles on an empty stomach.
  • Find a comfortable place and have some trusted people with you.
  • If something goes wrong, then inform your doctor immediately.

The bottom line

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