DP Sea Time Reduction Course: What It Is

With the completion of the DP sea time reduction course, the candidates or trainees will comprehend the plans for DP Operations on specialized boats. Understand the dangers of operating near an installation, as well as deep and shallow water activities. Graduates of this course would handle vessels safely in DP while maintaining a high level of safety at sea and environmental security.

Participants of this course will also gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Tasks such as operational management preparation, risk evaluation and threat analysis, checklists, logs, and how to conduct detailed watch handovers are all included.
  • Awareness of the DP scheme, as well as other tools and instruments. Set up the DP framework for a specific mission to provide situational insight and analyse patterns and predict issues before they occur.
  • Communication and teamwork skills, as well as the discussion of device deficiencies, are all important.
  • In a relaxed and confident way, decide on courses of action based on machine errors.
  • Alarms and printer readouts are responded to, and DP Alert status alarms are initiated.

Following that, any trainee must complete at least 30 days of DP sea time before qualifying for a DPO credential.

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