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Companies frequently need a tailored approach with regards to offshore engineering services. Highly-respected information mill frequently requested to supply a bespoke means to fix clients operating needs, with experience they will help ensure effective resolutions to those issues.

Two recent encounters include:

Rigless Abandonment Recovery Package

An engineering company performed the very first ever rigless abandonment within the North Ocean inside a tight weather window – an operator had discovered a fatigued conductor. An engineering company created a recovery interface which enabled the well to become cheaply abandoned prior to the winter months broken the conductor further.

Additional Platform Slot

An operator added yet another slot to some mature platform. An engineering company created a bracing system which enabled the brand new conductor guides to become safely located inside the existing jacket.

An engineering company has the capacity to work over the duration of the area from pre-drilling to drilling, production and decommissioning, supplying a multi-faceted method of offshore engineering solutions – with products varying from asset existence extension, camera systems, decommissioning, drilling risers, pipeline tools and much more.

Engineering companies combine experienced project engineers, a quick-track design-analyse-build engineering service along with a huge inventory of rental tools of cost levels to reply to the operating requirements of its clients with remarkable pace. Furthermore they like extensive success within the North Ocean, a lot of companies boast an increasing catalogue of success in the centre and China, supplying something that frequently exceeds individuals of great importance and bigger competitors.

Claxton, an Acteon engineering company, provides engineering and services towards the offshore jack-up drilling community over the existence from the asset from pre-drilling to drilling, production and decommissioning.

The engineering space in Singapore has seen a sea of change over the past few years and this is exactly why you need to check through the options that are available before you. One can get a complete List of Engineering Companies in Singapore to know more.

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