Funeral Services Provided By Taoist Funeral Package

Funeral package Taoist

The package Taoist funeral forms according to the family’s dialect. The funeral director guides the people to carry such services. The taoist funeral package consists of Taoist priest chanting, a paper house that is handmade, and other essential services. The food offerings and ceremonial items charge separately, based on the requirements of the individual dialect groups. The experienced funeral director assists people to conduct the services.

Setup of Taoist funeral package

  • The Taoist funeral altar signifies the setup. The setup will be upon the color theme that people choose.
  • The lanterns of the funeral will be with surnames and age inscriptions.
  • There will be a fresh floral from and two arrangements on that tabletop.
  • There is one photo enlargement of 10″ by 12″ and size passport-sized photos.
  • There is a road lamp, a notice of funeral service, and a white flag.
  • The music and prayers play throughout the funeral of the Taoist.

Taoist funeral services

They transfer the loved ones in the care from hospital and home. People can let the organizers know if they require a certificate of death from the doctor. The director of the funeral will meet family members and give them a briefing on the rituals.

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