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What is Mastery Learning and Who Can Achieve It?

Mastery Learning is a process of building strength on strength, utilizing the power of 100%. By completely mastering each concept before proceeding onward to the next, each new square is immovably supported by the strong squares beneath it.

Learning is like some other sort of building. When we construct a house, or a bookstore, or a specialist’s office, we completely understand the necessity of a solid establishment. Each square should be strong and solid before another square is laid on head of it or the structure will be weak and may collapse.

Learning is the same. When one concept isn’t completely mastered before a student moves on to the next, the establishment isn’t strong enough to include new squares. To the degree that the establishment squares are insecure, any obstructs that are added later will make very little sense.

Research has indicated that more than 90% surprisingly can achieve mastery (defined as learning to the 85% level or higher). However, this can happen just when the time spent learning equals the time needed, and when the student learns such that matches their learning style. Learning does not take place in study halls, it takes place in the individual personalities of students.

Numerous people have never experienced mastery. This isn’t because they are not capable of it. It is because there has been a bungle between their personal learning time and learning style needs and the guidance they have experienced up until this point.

We have made the error of viewing excellence as an objective that lone a select few will achieve. Actually, it is a pathway, where each individual student is at a different place along the street, yet all can and ought to arrive.

What Happens Next When a Child Does Not Achieve Mastery?

Once mastery holes develop, they should be filled or any further learning in that subject becomes more and more overwhelming. Since people can achieve mastery just at their own speed, and just by utilizing their own learning style, when they are forced to move at a speed that isn’t right for them, or when they don’t make the learning their own through their own learning style, holes develop that sway everything they attempt to learn starting there on.

In the event that an earlier element has not been mastered yet, it is essential to identify this as a hole and back up to master it. Then, and at exactly that point, concepts that depend on this element can be based on head of it.

What does Mastery Learning Change

The reverse is likewise true. When holes are filled, and when a student’s time and learning style needs are met, they can and will achieve mastery – 85% or above. Also, this also will affect everything that follows. Working from strength, they will continue to excel. Also, by excelling, they will experience the lift in self-esteem that comes with realizing that they have done so.

One-on-one, in-home mentoring can make a life-affecting difference in such cases. Once a youngster develops learning holes, singular attention is basic to success. A one-on-one mentor can work with the unique psyche, and at the ideal learning pace, of an individual kid.

Mastery Learning is an experience that expands upon itself. Once students have had the experience of mastery, starting there on:

They recognize what it feels like to know, and to realize that they know.

They realize when learning isn’t strong YET, and what it will take for them, separately, to remedy this.

They experience increased self-esteem.

They expand their self-efficacy expectations- – the perception of what is and isn’t inside their reach, personally.

Learning failure or trouble need not be endured. Learning success is possible. What’s more, learning matters. At any age, learning holes shut out future increases and confidence. What’s more, learning success opens those entryways. The potential to learn is there…one mind at once.

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