How to Tip When You Pay with A Gift Card?

The technology has improved a lot in the recent years providing various opportunities to the people. You can even pay your bills at restaurants and other places by using credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, etc thanks to the advanced technology. The only problem with paying gift cards is that they are not tip-friendly.

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If your gift card is really worth over your bill, then you can give the remaining value as tip, but most of the people are not sure whether they can use the gift card to tip. The following are few tips that help you in handling your bills with your gift card.

Make a call to the restaurant

Before visiting the restaurant, call and check with the restaurant manager or in charge person regarding their policy of tipping with gift card, in case their policy includes or handles it, then you can pay with your gift card.

Keep cash

If you go somewhere, especially restaurants or hotels tip will be expected. If the restaurant you have chosen may or may not accept tipping with gift card, you must keep some cash with you wherever you go. Then, you can give some cash as tip.

Check with the server

You can even check with the server before paying the bill. With this, you can make sure whether the restaurant accepts the gift card to tip. If not, you have other options too.

Follow tipping rules

Tipping rules are same whether you pay cash or with gift card because the server treats you very well until you complete your meal.

If you identify that you can make use of gift card to tip, then inform the server about it while giving the gift card to make payment. In case, you are unable to use gift card to tip, don’t feel shy to ask the business authorities to use the card for nominal amount, particularly if you are not carrying cash.

Paying with giftcard for meal is quite convenient because you need to spend less or no amount from your pocket. Don’t expect using of gift card to tip as well, these suggestions will help you prevent awkward situations when your bill arrives.

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