Infrastructure Projects Myanmar- A Step Towards Economic Growth

Myanmar has always attracted a large number of tourists from all around the world. The country’s GDP is vastly dependent on its tourism department. But in recent times, when all the developing countries are having a silent competition in infrastructural development, Myanmar is not far behind. The Government of Myanmar is in talks about the developmental aspects of the country’s infrastructures. Hence, let us learn more about the improvement and design of the infrastructure projects myanmar.

Who are supporting these projects?

The two government agencies of Singapore called the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore is leading an infrastructure developmental facilitation office called IA. This office has been active with works and is helping the Asian government officials to provide support for regional infrastructure projects.

Developmental projects in Myanmar.

The Government of Myanmar has discussed with IA about their infrastructural requirements. At present, IA is currently working with New Yangon City project. They are contributing in the project by sharing institutional and technical knowledge.

For a long time, the country’s economy has been depending on tourism, but these developmental projects will bring the country to the limelight of infrastructural development. It will also help to boost the growth rate and make the country reach new heights.

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