Proven Ways To Earn Real Instagram Followers

Instagram followers indicate at first glance the engagement of the profile. A robust audience does suggest a profile buzzing with good content. However, on digging deep, what if one finds out there is random posting and poor engagement, and the exaggerated numbers suggest nothing but bots and fake accounts? Of course, this will lead to bad repute and certainly wouldn’t help in reaping success.

Thus, the solution to this is relying on organic engagement and not buying dummy followers. Real followers like, comment, share your posts. This in turn helps in gaining traction among new followers. The motive should be to earn real Instagram followers and not fake followers.

Real followers are earned through persistent efforts and that cannot be achieved through fake followers. Engagement marketing tactics focus on potential followers by liking, commenting on posts of target profiles. Refrain from sites that guarantee a certain number of followers. Be assured that the user base is fake.

Sites that offer to expand your reach and increase engagement are better options than buying followers. The organic growth of the account through hashtag engagement and location engagement works well. Fake Instagram engagement even gets your account shadowbanned. Downsides also include poor quality traffic to your website, a higher bounce rate, and less time spent on pages.

When you search the term Instagram followers, you would come across sites offering solutions to increase your audience. For example, They promise to help your brand grow and expand your reach ‘organically’, meaning they are not fake accounts and the engagement is real. There are other sites too, which claim to increase your Instagram followers. The steps are easy in both cases, where you have to sign up and pay a certain amount and they would do the engagement on your behalf. Certain websites even do this for free. De-stressing, right?

Alongside these, here are five simple do’s to gain traction and get real Instagram followers.

1 . Find your niche. Your profile should be unique and resonate with your viewers. Keep it orderly and attractive with high-resolution pictures. Brainstorm new ideas and riveting content.

  1. Be consistent and post regularly. Stick to a certain subject matter and topic and once you have developed your niche, build content around it. Your core audience would expect specific content from you and satisfy them with what they want.
  2. Collaborate with influencers and interact with them. This helps to stamp your presence among their audience base.
  3. Running contests, offering discounts, announcing giveaways work very quickly. Creator-consumer relationship instantly increases. Calls-to-action works like a charm. Engaging with the audience leads to both retention and loyalty.
  4. Use correct hashtags and invent catchy captions. Develop your challenges and create hashtags to promote your content. If it clicks, Instagram will amplify your reach using the existing algorithm.


The key to a loyal viewership is not being imitative and staying real. It’s the unique touch that scores among the audience and to get real Instagram followers, one must keep on coming up with innovative ideas and stay up to date with current issues and trends.

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