Putting A List Together Of Materials For Your Office Refurbishment Project

When your office space needs refurbishing, and you have a limited budget available, there are things you can do that can help reduce the overall cost of your project. You can reduce the standard of finish to save costs, and you can also minimise plans to help save money, and you can also consider sourcing the materials you will need for your project yourself. Many contractors will add between 15-20% onto the price of materials when they source them, so you can enjoy significant savings by sourcing them yourself. Below are some tips to help you with this task so you can get a fantastic-looking office without compromising by saving on the cost of your materials.

Create A Materials Calendar

You will first need to find a suitable contractor to do the work and sit down with them to help create a materials calendar. You will need to go through each step of the refurbishment project and list all the materials required to complete the task when they are needed. When you do this for the entire project, you can create a materials calendar showing you what you require and when so that work does not get delayed due to a lack of materials.

Put Together A Shopping List

You can now create a shopping list of the materials you will require for your refurbishment project, and you want to start putting everything into a spreadsheet. You need to list everything from the screws and nails to the access panels and paint and have each item have a different tab on the spreadsheet. You want to have somewhere to include information about the different suppliers, such as:

  • A Link To The Product
  • Unit Price
  • Lead Time
  • Delivery Charges
  • Free Delivery Available?
  • Delivery Options
  • Contact Details
  • Trade Account Offered?

Once you have all the materials in your shopping list spreadsheet, you can start shopping for everything you need to reduce the overall cost of your refurbishment project.

Shopping Online

You will find many suppliers online for the needed materials, and the prices can vary drastically. You will want to have four or five options input into your spreadsheet for each material you need to buy so that you can choose from plenty of options. You will need to work through everything you need, and once you have completed looking for suppliers, you can start comparing them.

Comparing Prices & Suppliers

When looking at the cost for each item, it is vital to consider the delivery charges, as these can soon add up. You want to spread your orders across a few suppliers and ensure all your orders reach the free delivery value which many building materials suppliers have. Depending on your purchase, it is sometimes worth spending extra per unit with one supplier than paying for delivery. It is also worth looking at the online reputations of the suppliers and seeing what their customers say about them on review websites such as Trustpilot.com. You can then start ordering your materials so they arrive before they are required and get the office of your dreams at a reduced cost.

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