Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Stairlift

Often the decision to have a stairlift installed comes after a long, hard look at where we are in life or where a loved one is currently at. Although a stairlift can drastically improve a person’s quality of life with no more living on the first floor, it isn’t easy admitting the need for help.

Is There Enough Room?

One of the first things that you should ask when getting stairlift quotes in Dunstable is if there is enough room on your staircase. The good news is that most staircases can accommodate a stairlift, but you want to double-check if installing it will add to the cost. Some narrower staircases require additional fittings to make them work.

What Kind Should I Get?

There are several different stairlifts to choose from. The one that works best is going to vary based on your needs. For example, a curved staircase often requires a specialised stairlift. In other cases, a staircase with a landing might require two stairlifts or a curved one to make it work.

Are Stairlifts Easy to Use?

For some people, learning how to operate something new is tricky as they get older. For other people, arthritis or other medical issues might make manipulating a stairlift harder. No matter what the case is, talk to the person giving you the quote, as there are stairlifts for all situations. For example, some models come with remote control. Others come with light-touch controls.

Other features to look for include:

  • Swivel seat
  • Safety sensors
  • Charging systems

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