Some Things to Remember While Visiting a Gentlemen’s Club

A strip club is a venue where dancers entertain customers wearing saucy outfits and erotic dance moves. Customers can receive a private lap dance for an additional charge. However, no-touch is the club policy. Actually, brothel and strip clubs are regarded to be the same. However, both are different. The former is the one where people go to enjoy sex, while the latter is the one where you can watch girls dance erotically.

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Some things to remember when at the gentlemen’s club

Avoid touching

It is a shock when some drunken man grabs her boob. Because she is a stripper doesn’t give you a right to take advantage in horrible ways. The girls are protected by several bouncers moving around, so be careful or else your ass may get kicked very hard.

Never jump on the stage

You cannot jump on the stage unless a performer invites you. If you spontaneously decide to show off be prepared to get your ass kicked. Remember, you are being rude trying to steal her show.

Never throw change

Small change or coins are a big no, it hurts. Throw dollar bills!

Say no politely

After the lap dance of 4 to 5 minutes, she takes the money and walks away. You can politely say NO if you feel awkwardly turned on during the dance. She understands!

It is your guy’s night but club rules apply….

Strip clubs have their standards and policies, which every guest needs to adhere to otherwise you are disrespectful. When you visit a library, you wouldn’t scream. Same thing instead of books it is G-strings.

Strip dancers are at work

With all the mood lights, music, and moves you sense getting passionate but it is her duty. She is actually trying to earn her wages.

Stay home if you have no cash

If you are not able to pay for adult entertainment, stay home. Strippers have bad names for those who sit in the front and watch them without giving tips. It is also not happening if you watch the dancers from afar. So, only visit strip clubs, when you are prepared to tip.

Never feel offended when she walks away

If a stripper feels that you will not tip her, she walks away in the middle of a conversation. Never feel offended, as she is working to earn a living. Never assume, she does not like you!

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