The Main Differences between Southpaw and Orthodox Boxing Stances

Boxing is an ancient combat sport that has developed throughout human history while modern boxing is a type of sport in which two people will use protective gloves to throw punches at each other. Indeed, if you are thinking about taking up the sport of boxing you should learn the main differences between the types of stances that fighters will use. In addition, if you are looking for a great boxing academy in an area of the United Kingdom, you must check a search engine, so that you can identify a training club.

Southpaw stance

If you have ever tried boxing, then you will probably be aware of the various stances that are available to use, while any time you want to have a boxing match you must use your lower body in tandem with your upper body to throw a punch. However, it is essential to know that boxing requires footwork in order to avoid the punches from your opponent as well as provide momentum for your punching technique. Whenever you want to carry out the sport of boxing in Reading, you must understand that if you stand with your right foot at the front and your left foot towards the back of your stance, then this is called a southpaw stance.

Orthodox stance

However, if you stand with your left foot in the front of your stance and the right foot at the back, then this is known as an orthodox boxing stance. The orthodox stance is generally more popular than the southpaw stance while this particular type of stance is often used by right-handed people who want to carry out boxing. The orthodox stance allows right-handed boxers to be able to generate more momentum for their punches which is essential if you want to win a boxing match.

Choose a stance

If you want to start boxing, then you must decide which stance and style of footwork would be right for you. Moreover, you could think about joining a specialist boxing training centre in the United Kingdom because you will be able to learn about footwork as well as how to throw punches.

Therefore to conclude, if you are thinking about taking up the sport of boxing you must be aware of the various stances that are available while talking to a specialist boxing academy in Reading can allow you to learn more about this combat sport that has been prominent throughout human history.

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