Things To Do In Snohomish County: Don’t Miss This Guide!

Traveling to Seattle for work or pleasure? You need to make time to visit Snohomish County, which is just an hour’s drive. For the lovers of nature and those who don’t mind indulging in a quick getaway, Snohomish County is a perfect pick. Did you know that some of the best casinos and resorts in and around Seattle are located here? In this post, we are offering a guide on things to do in Snohomish County.

  • Historic Downtown. If you are here, you need to make time for Historic Downtown. There are old buildings that have been restored and renovated, but what makes this a must-see is the vibe of the area. You will find cozy restaurants, cafés, and bars, and a bunch of antique shops. Events happen all through the year, and you will get to know a lot about the history of the region. Don’t forget to check Blackman House, which is also a museum.
  • Centennial Trail. Starting on First Street, Centennial Trail is 30 miles long. You get to explore the beauty of Snohomish and Arlington, and it is one of the best ways to enjoy the region. Old homes have been restored, and it has this nice charm of time gone by. You can also explore the numerous farms, pastures along the route.

  • Lord Hill Regional Park. Close to Snohomish, Washington is the much-famed Lord Hill Regional Park. This is a perfect outing for anyone who loves nature, and the wetlands here feel magical and unlike anything you may have seen. The park is named after Mitchell Lord, who was the first settler here. Don’t forget to take pictures of the Snohomish River valley.
  • Casino resorts. Your trip to Snohomish County doesn’t have to boring. Some of the best casino resorts close to Seattle are located here. You can find ready packages, so stay back for a night and enjoy gambling. Many resorts also have special shows and events from time to time, with in-house fusion and authentic restaurants. This could be a nice luxurious weekend away from the city crowd.

If you have some time left, do visit the Mountainview Blueberry Farm. Also, there is the option to check alpacas at Alpacas from Mars, which is a popular ranch. For casino resorts, consider booking your stay and package before you come to get the best rooms and assured deals. Snohomish County can surprise you – Plan your trip today!

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