Three Helpful Tips when Working with Duck

Duck is flavourful poultry that only a few home cooks appreciate. This is because of the misconception that duck meat is not healthy and that preparing it takes more time than preparing other poultry. Read on to know some tips and recipe ideas to add duck meat to your kitchen repertoire.

Pick the Best Duck

If you prepare to buy a fresh duck, you must it has a clean, feather-free, and odour-free skin. If you prepare the frozen variety, ensure it is plump-breasted and wrapped in airtight packages. Duck meat available in supermarkets has a sell-by-date label so make sure to check this out. Check out great duck meat options at

Properly Storing Duck

Just like other poultry, it is best not to take duck away from its original wrapping. Also, ensure you overwrap it with aluminum foil to prevent leakage. Fresh ducks must be stored in your fridge’s coldest part. If you also bought giblets, wrap and store them separately.

Since you can usually find duck frozen, you don’t have to free it at all. Just place the frozen duck in the freezer in its original wrapping. Just make sure to date the package and use it within three months. Some frozen ducks have an expiration date so stick to it.

When it is time to defrost your duck, put it on a dish in the fridge. If you want to thaw a five-pound duck, give it 24-36 hours to complete the process. Alternatively, consider submerging the duck in a pot or sink full of water. Just ensure you use cold water. Keep in mind that warm water will thaw the duck too quickly and can lead to bacteria to flourish. Thawing can often take around three hours.

Preparing the Duck

Before you cook a fresh duck or thaw a whole duck, ensure there are no feathers. Also, remove any visible fat, especially fat from the cavity. Pat the duck dry and prick the skin without hitting the flesh. If you want to roast the duck, leave it whole. If you prefer to broil or grill it, pick skinless duck breasts.

While the tradition is to roast a whole duck, you can also use duck pieces. Just ensure you use skinned pieces in any recipe that requires skinless dark-meat chicken. You can find smoked duck in specialty food markets which makes a mouth-watering addition to stews, salads, and pasta sauces. The skin must be removed first.

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