Tips & Tricks: What NOT to Pack for your Summer Getaway

The art of overpacking… I think I’ve mastered it quite well over the years. A little too well perhaps, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one! Still, I have learnt from previous mistakes and since I’ll be sharing one (the only one we bring!) suitcase with my bf this time, I have no option but to limit my luggage. Here’s what I’m definitely not packing for my holiday to Spain next week:


If you’re going on a holiday to relax and unwind, why not give your feet a break too? I understand that you might want to dress up during the night, but a pair of flat (leather) sandals can look just as fab. If you still want to bring heels, go for a pair that are comfortable, like (espadrille) wedges or mid heels.

A jacket

If you’re going somewhere warm and sunny, there’s little chance that you actually need to bring a jacket. Should it really cool down in the evenings, simply bring a sweater or a cardigan, as they often take up less space than a jacket does. Tip: wear your sweater or cardi while traveling so it doesn’t take up any space in your suitcase at all.

Synthetic stuff

Personally, I would definitely recommend packing comfortable (natural!) fabrics only. Synthetics like polyester tend to suffocate your skin which makes it feel sweaty and sticky while you’re going to want to keep things cool and breezy.

More than two bags

You really don’t need more than two bags. One for your trip to the beach (how about a classic straw tote and of course my well-worn Serengeti sunglasses?) and a cross body bag for a stroll through the city should be enough.

Leave all this at home and there’ll be plenty of room for your fabulous bikinis and bathing suits. Bonus: not over-packing means having less to unpack as soon as you get home

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