Top 6 Signs That Your Warehouse is perfect for Storage

It cannot be easy to know if your warehouse is the best storage place. But, if you’re not sure, then read on. We’ve put together a list of few things to look out for when deciding if your warehouse is perfect for storage.

  1. The Warehouse is Empty

First of all, look at whether your warehouse doesn’t currently have any stock in it. If the building was being used for storage previously, this might be due to restructuring or moving location. You can also check if there are any piles of boxes around that staff member who recently finished work. A warehouse that provides smart storage service will have almost all things compliant to your needs.

  1. Boxes are Stacked High

If you’re looking at potential storage space, then look out for boxes stacked up high. This could mean that the building was previously used as storage, or it might be currently being used to store products in transit. Stacking products high can also indicate a lack of floor space which means there is room for more stock inside.

  1. Keypad Access

Another sign that a warehouse is perfect for storage is keypad access. This means you can control who has access to the building and keep out unwanted visitors, which could include journalists or members of your competition. You can also set up rules regarding when staff members have access, so they can’t come in after-hours without permission from management.

  1. Concrete Floors

Concrete floors are perfect for storage as they can be easily cleaned and don’t get worn down over time. They also mean that you could purchase a pallet truck to move your boxes around easier than with carpeted flooring.

  1. A Remote Location

If your warehouse is situated in a remote location, this might indicate that it’s perfect for storage. It could also mean that the building has been used as storage before, i.e., by delivery companies who need to keep their trucks close at all times. Look out of any nearby buildings or warehouses which are currently being used for storage purposes too.

  1. Ramps

Look out for ramps leading up to loading bays. This means that it’s easy to move goods, which is perfect if you’re looking at renting or buying.


It can be not easy to know whether another company is currently using a warehouse, so check all of these signs and look around outside too. If none of them are present, then it might just be time to start filling it with your stock ready for sale.

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