Types of events to consider for your corporate sports day

Everyone at some point needs a break to relax and get inject some fresh air into their lives. Since no employer wants to give random vacations and day offs, you can make work less frustrating by arranging for corporate sports days which will allow your employees to rejuvenate their spirit and achieve numerous other goals like team building and enhanced communication structure at work. When deciding the activities to include in your corporate sports day, use the following guide.

Competitive challenges

Board tournaments are some of the numerous competitive challenges you could include in your sport day. The only way to make them competitive enough is include prize giving to the winning team. There are also activities like cook offs which need all the team members to chip in with their ideas and that can be a great way to get your staff working together with harmony to win the prize.

Office trivia

It is not true that bars are the only right places for these events. You can put your team together and begin challenging each other in non-work related areas. Other than improving communication, it helps you know how diversely informed your staff is. The questions can be designed based on certain categories but one must ensure they remain diverse and touch different aspects during the trivia.

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