What are Dentures and its Types: Everything You Need to Know

Are you suffering from a broken or a missing tooth impacting your self-confidence? Dentures are a popular dentistry solution that can restore your smile, improve your speech and chewing abilities, and eliminate future teeth complications. If you want dentures from Orange Park general dentist, we have you covered! In this article, we will highlight dentures and different types of dentures. So, without any further delay, let’s dive in! 

What are Dentures? 

A denture is a temporary or removable replacement for a broken or missing tooth and nearby tissues. They are made of nylon, metal, and acrylic, which fits over your gums and improves oral health and chewing and speech abilities. 

Types of Dentures 

Here are the common types of dentures: 

1. Complete Full Dentures 

Complete dentures are common in which all teeth are replaced, including the upper, lower, or both of the jaw. These are custom-made to fit rightly in your jawbones and gums and look similar to natural teeth. 

2. Partial Dentures

When only a few natural teeth are left, partial dentures are recommended. In this condition, speaking and chewing becomes extremely difficult. Since these dentures can be removed, they are exceptionally convenient. 

3. Custom-made Dentures

Also known as personalized dentures, custom-made dentures are designed especially to meet your personal needs. Since these are custom-made, they fit like gloves and give a natural appearance. These are made of high-quality porcelain and ceramic materials as they last longer. 

4. Immediate Dentures

Immediately, dentures are placed once the natural teeth are removed due to decayed, injured, or chipped. While going for immediate dentures, the patient should not have any cavities or other tooth problems. 

5. Implant-supported Dentures

Commonly known as Snap-in dentures, Implant-supported Dentures are another type of dentures that are attached to the implants present in your jawbone. These can be complete or partial dentures, which are more secure and look natural compared to other dentures. 

Benefits of Dentures 

Here are the top benefits of getting dentures: 

  • Dentures correct your smile and make it look aesthetically pleasing and appealing. 
  • As compared to other teeth and smile enhancement procedures, dentures are affordable. 
  • Dentures fix your broken, damaged, and missing teeth, ultimately enhancing your life’s quality. 
  • Unlike most teeth restoration treatments, dentures are long-lasting. 
  • Dentures improve chewing and speaking abilities
  • Dentures are extremely easy to maintain.

Wrapping Up 

Dentures are a popular dentistry treatment offered to people who have missing or broken teeth. There are different types of dentures that we discussed here. 

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