What Else is Matthew McConaughey Famous for apart from his Acting Skills?

Most actors of the yesteryears have given some beautiful memories with their finest acting skills. You would have a few favorites out of them. However, not all might have achieved the recognition that they all deserve for their roles in respective movies. It would be a shame that most were not even nominated for the Academy Awards.

Along with the ones winning the highest film award, Matthew McConaughey has been a part of the list. He won the Oscar for his role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. When it comes to recognizing his finest acting skills, you would relish watching most of his movies done during his golden era 2011-2014. Matthew McConaughey is the finest actor of his generation. He is also a gentleman. His love for animals is apparent when he saved a few dogs, cats, and hamsters from the havoc caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Rising to the challenge

McConaughey was never shy from a challenge. Despite his initial movies and a few after them, were not being much applauded for his script and acting skills, the actor worked on his choice of scripts. However, his luck changed after 2011, when he started doing good movies with decent scripts. He had changed his image of an actor doing romantic comedies. However, his role in Time to Kill, almost won him a role in the Titanic.

It was the time for the actor to grab the opportunity and he did with an Oscar-winning performance in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. The movie is a true-life story of Ron Woodroof, who was diagnosed with AIDS, and how he fights the disease while supporting the people suffering from the disease with a drug he smuggles into America. The actor has shown his acting skills in the movie that won him the Oscar. Since 2011, McConaughey did not look back and gave a series of hits such as the Gentlemen, Interstellar, Dallas Buyers Club, and more. He also did some voice-over roles in a few movies.

Much admiration for his acting skills

His fan following is not limited to the audience watching his movies. McConaughey is famous with the A-grade directors as well. He has been a star in an off the screen. His love for animals saved several dogs during the floods in New Orleans. It would be worth mentioning here that McConaughey did not date any of his co-stars apart from Sandra Bullock, who is still friends with him. The actor married model Camila Alves and had three children.

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