Which Type Of Soil Is Best For Growing Cannabis?

Getting your hands on the right type of soil is never easy, especially when it comes to growing cannabis. Also, there are so many options available, that choosing the right one gets pretty difficult.

What should you particularly look for in soil when growing cannabis?

Most of the cannabis growers agree that a good cannabis soil is dark and rich in color. It has a loose texture which holds as well as drains water well. Now, all that is old story, what do you need to know more? The thing is, if you aren’t buying soil for cannabis from a reputed brand like, there are many things you need to consider before growing.

First of all, understand that any and every type of potting mix will work just fine to grow cannabis. However, ensure it is organic, or else you will have to add some amendments to enhance its nutritional values. Next, if you notice any white pebbles mixed in it, don’t worry, they are just perlite and ensure better drainage. Lastly, if any soil looks like dirt or mud, it is no good for growing cannabis.

Qualities of a good cannabis soil

If you are buying readily available potting mixes, they are well-designed for growing cannabis. However, if you are using naturally available soil, and plan to add amendments to it, it is a completely different story.

There are 4 primary types of soils – clay, sandy, silty and loamy. However, you cannot find one particular type of soil, and mostly the soils available are a combination of two or more soils. For instance, you may find a soil which is a combination or sandy and silty, or clay and loamy. In order to pick the best cannabis soil, it is best to understand all the 4 different types.

Clay soil: This type of soil is heavy and difficult to work with. Even though it is rich in minerals and nutrients, it isn’t a very good choice for growing cannabis since it has poor drainage.

Sandy soil: Comparatively, this soil is easy to work with. It ensures good drainage, and hence is a practical choice for growing cannabis.

Silty: Choosing silty soil for growing cannabis is a good choice as well, as it is packed with nutrients and minerals. It holds water well, as well as ensures adequate drainage.

Loamy soil: This soil is a combination of silt, sand and clay soils as well as additional organic compounds. Overall, it is considered as the best type of soil to grow cannabis. However, not all growers use it, since it is quite expensive.

When it is about growing cannabis, if you have the right type of soil, it is believed that you have everything. The soil with correct texture, water retention and drainage quality, and appropriate nutrients levels makes an ideal base for the cannabis plant. If you are new to growing cannabis, it is recommended that you directly buy ready to use soil from dealers like Their soil can help you get perfect harvest and desired results.

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