Why You should be as a Gardner Interested in Topdressing?

Every gardener and agriculturist prefers to take care of their plants and every aspect that makes their garden look pleasant and fresh. For the garden to look lavishly green they try various gardening methods put forward by experimental garden experts. One such method is topdressing that has helped millions of gardeners to nourish their garden.

What exactly is topdressing?

In simple words, topdressing means to add a layer of nutrient rich soil on the already present soil for healthy growth of plants and trees. Mostly it is done on lawns, larger plant beds and near the trees. It is mainly organic compost having good fertilizing qualities that helps plants to grow nice for a year.


  • It helps to rejuvenate the present soil that has lost its nutritional proportions to a great extent. The soil becomes rich in nutrients thus helpful to grow good vegetation. In short, it makes the soil fertile again.
  • Plant growth enhances and you are able to enjoy good farming and gardening with ease.
  • Soil remains airy and helps the soil to breathe and prevents the soil to again become tight in few weeks.
  • Soil structure needs to be maintained every time you plant seeds or saplings. Otherwise there are chances of spoilt growth of plants, grass of lawn and even trees need good structure soil. Topdressing helps the soil to again retain becomes airy having its structure regaining the pores that helps for healthy growth of plant roots.
  • Water retention efficiently works thus no water logging issues decaying the whole plant parts.
  • The ground becomes porous, thus eases gaseous exchange that aids in good plant root growth.
  • It even helps to not pour water often to keep the soil and the plants look fresh.

Usually, re-potting is the only solution for soil to retain its structure and nutrients. However, it isn’t possible to do in many places like lawns and farms. You feel difficult to do re-pot of even heavy pots and plant beds that can’t be tipped to empty and again refilled with added compost. Thus, you can do topdressing and enrich the soil with the required nutrients.

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